Steel terminal demand is expected to recover in March, where will coke go?
After the Spring Festival, the black series rose sharply, and the prices of rebar, hot coil and iron ore hit new highs, while coke was obviously weaker than iron ore and coil. By sorting out the fundamentals of supply and demand, we believe that coke prices still have upward momentum.
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Chinese and foreign experts exchange anti-corrosion and repairing technology of pipeline engineering
Not long ago, pipeline anti-corrosion experts from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States gathered in Langfang City, Hebei Province, and had a two-day exchange on pipeline engineering anti-corrosion and joint repair technology with relevant technical personnel from the pipeline engineering major of China Petroleum Pipeline Administration.
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The prosperity of the pipe industry will remain high in the next two years
Although the real estate market is sluggish this year, water conservancy construction is accelerating, which has not affected the development of the pipe industry.
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A pipeline is a device for conveying gas, liquid or fluid with solid particles connected by pipes, pipe joints and valves. Usually, after the fluid is pressurized by blowers, compressors, pumps and boilers, it flows from the high pressure of the pipeline to the low pressure, and the fluid can also be transported by its own pressure or gravity. Pipelines are widely used, mainly in water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and various industrial installations.
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